KAURI ORA – New Zealand

In "Kauri Ora", Olga Kisseleva explores the results of the study of the “ancient future knowledge” conserved by the New Zealand Māori, as well as those of the lost natural lore of the people who used to inhabit medieval Europe and the ancient Near East. She uses the TNT and T2T systems to create communication between the kauri trees, hoping to facilitate the exchange of information between surviving endangered trees and plants that have been revived by modern science.

The tree selected by Olga Kisseleva for her art&science experiment is used as a space-generating energy transformer. The method of interacting with the tree is based on its physiological and biological properties. The scientists began from the basic assumption that trees and plants function as a single “body”, interacting with the atmosphere, storing and transmitting various meteorological, cosmological, geological, and energetic data to a single center.

The project implements an innovative program of “scientist – artist – plant” integration, in addition to activating resources for the revitalization of the ancient kauri tree. ”EDEN Kauri Ora” conducted with Auckland University of Technology and with it's Institut of Applied Ecology has become an information exchange node. It successfully applies the experience acquired on the European continent to the revival efforts of New Zealand flora; conversely, the new experience gained in New Zealand contributes to the development of the project on other continents.