EDEN brings together practices mobilised directly or indirectly by the plant world and their method of organisation in complex systems, called ecosystems. Trees, plants, moss, lichens: all so much more sophisticated than we thought for a long time, these beings have developed many growth, reproduction, survival and multiplication strategies. These strategies involve abilities to interact that are capable of being assimilated into specific forms of language.

Awareness of the extent of the sophistication of plant beings (more broadly living) is today helping to overturn the definition of the boundaries between humans and non-humans, nature and culture, animate and inanimate. Thus update in the knowledge and representation of plants is found in various forms in "LISP of tree".

The title has a double meaning: lisp (rustling or babbling) of tree - and LISP (LISt Processing Language) as the name of a programming language that we are to analyze and transcribe in real time the information received from trees trough sensors. The T2N lisp application works as a linguistic translator from the tree language to the human one. It allows to experiment a new type of interspecies community, in which people and plants are able to hear each other, to share resources and feelings.

A remarkable feature of this project is the fact that the artist uses the specialized sensors to realize the "creative" potential of the tree, letting it express itself by "performing" a verbal expression.

Thus, Olga Kisseleva turns the tree into a full-fledged partner and co-author.