T2N Tree to Network

T2N is a revolutionary approach that allows for interspecific "communication", created by Olga Kisseleva. T2N serves as the main technical base for all EDEN projects. The trees in this process are "emitting" and "receiving" a constant stream of information.

To communicate, plants use various forms of molecular emission. In lieu of words, plants use various chemical substances, which they release from their surface, in addition to sounds and the circulation of juices within their trunks and branches. All in all, scientists have identified approximately 15 ways in which trees can “communicate”. The “message” can be addressed to another organism: an insect or another animal, including a human being. This ability allows plants, including trees, to optimize their vital mechanisms and defend themselves from potential pests.

In collaboration with the CNRS, the Olga Kisseleva has developed a series of sensors and an electronic system for processing this data. The analysis of information visualizes the connection of plant biorhythms with the surrounding world through an expressive language of sound, light, color intensity.

Studies are currently underway to improve the quality of the “translation” of the “language” of plants. This data enables us to determine how each tree scatters and receives information. The interaction among trees created by the artist is continuous, despite the large distance between them. Through this stream of information, the trees develop, blossom, and turn into full-fledged “participants” in the discussion – a peculiar dialogue unfolding in real time before our eyes.